Makerspace Project Implementation

Part 1. How do you feel about your implementation and evaluation plans? Did they work well for you? How was the team work and how would you assess your own performance? Part 2. What kind of research agenda would you develop tied to the system analysis, implementation, and or evaluation. Will you try to do this kind … Continue reading Makerspace Project Implementation

Implementation vs. Evaluation

The purpose of my project is to implement a plan for integrating makerspaces effectively into any school environment. By creating a systemigram to document the different elements of the process, I am helping to shine light on many of the elements that need to be defined so that the integration can successfully take place. The … Continue reading Implementation vs. Evaluation

Human Behavior vs. Design

Write a reflection about how your system of interest compares in terms of complexity with the film analyses you have done to better understand system complexity.  Any patterns emerging about human behavior/cognition and how they influence design, development, planning, etc.? Systems thinking happens naturally in human behavior, whether it is learned from others, from failure and … Continue reading Human Behavior vs. Design