Beginning with Scratch

I haven’t been in scratch in three years. Having taught it for a decade, this is like starting all over. There are some benefits to having taught it, as I remember a few of the early pitfalls. However, trying to reteach myself all of the different buttons and their purpose is challenging, especially when starting over. I went looking for a few tutorials and found some good resources for those that need extra help:  

Right now I am wishing I hadn’t left my scratch books in my last classroom. Here are some great books to use when learning or implementing it into your classroom. I had 5 for sure from that top column and could really use them now! While I was searching the site again, I found a very cool page of resources on research done using scratch: .  It appears as though this page has not been updated since 2013, however, the research topics are very interesting and I believe much of the topics are still relevant even today. Interestingly enough, there is also a Scratch Foundation.

Although I like the idea of working in 3D, I think working in 2D will challenge me enough getting restarted with this project. I have seizure disorder and often times the 3D environment doesn’t serve me well. I would imagine that making 3D games would be more complicated, but I think that is because so many more tools for creation will come into play. In 2D creations, you are simply worrying about a flat character on flat imagery. This simplifies any activities or responses to movement. In 3D, those movements and responses are magnified.

This type of creation in 2D or 3D takes a multitude of different skill sets, from graphic designers to programmers, audio and video experts, copywriters and editors and so many more. video-game-jobs-525965-FINAL1-61e046daf46040acaa4d317e3d3fd655

Image from 

As I move forward with scratch and my 2D game, I hope to not only develop further understanding of basic programming skills, but also game creation skills. I enjoyed making the 2D board game and am sure that the sequence of building a game will be similar.





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