Games, Simulations, or Immersive Environments

I can start by saying I do not consider myself a gamer, but I love games. I was the 1995 Self-Proclaimed Reigning Tetris champion at U of A during my undergraduate years. I spent many hours honing my craft! Regardless, I think it gave me a good foundation for understanding the gaming passion. In 1996 I played my first computer game from start to finish and it was called Duke Nukem. Since then, I have never played a game in its entirety. I am not sure why, maybe it was because that was the only time I ever lived alone and had ample free time to complete such a task.

When SIMS style games became popular and mainstream, I never could embrace the idea. Talking to others online isn’t fun to me in this type of environment. Its actually quite painful I think. Plus, I am a social butterfly and I enjoy reading peoples expressions and gain a lot from other’s body language when in my presence. Without that, I fell lost.

When I became an educator, I was all about games. Whether it be games in the presence of others or online. Very few games captured my imagination again until Minecraft. While I am not an expert, I have been able to implement it in ways in my classroom that I feel benefit the students and allow them an opportunity to express their understanding of topics without paper and pencil. I started using scratch very early on and quickly learned ways to implement it in my class. Although I am not an expert on it either, I do love the opportunities it provides students in design and coding. I used it for a decade with my students and used it to help them build confidence and understand in coding applications.

It has been a few years since I have used it, but I look forward to revisiting the opportunity later in the month!

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