Consider the materials covered. Were there any games of gaming innovations that stood out to you? Why? Share a bit about your favorite games both traditional and digital) and provide some insight into why they appeal to you? Would you consider any of these to be educational?

Much of what was mentioned in the articles and videos was like a walk down memory lane. Although I did not have a “Brown Box” I had the subsequent edition which was my first experience with computers. I remember spending hours learning to program games like Pong and simple computer actions. The fascination was real and I knew way more than anyone around me about how to make the console produce actions. Once space invaders came out as an addition to the console, I can remember playing it for hours.

While many of the games didn’t take an educational stance during the 70’s and 80’s, so many of them required strategic thinking and creativity in order to complete the tasks required to advance levels. I think one thing gaming brought to the table was the opportunity for collaboration and invention. While playing the games was a fun activity alone, playing it with others began to promote the idea that multi-player opportunities was even better. When one works alone they can complete tasks, but when you work together the opportunities expand exponentially. I believe that gaming helped elevate the idea and benefits of collaboration.

When online multi-player games became popular, I think the globe became very small. Suddenly, talking daily to a friend across the globe became the norm. This helps to develop our understanding of language and encourages the written word through online conversations. We’ve been trying to teach typing skills for years, but all we really needed to be successful was Minecraft chatrooms!

Some of my favorite classic games include Tetris, Mario, Pac-man, and Galaga. While I don’t have a whole lot of favorites today, I would definitely place Beat Saber at the top of my favorites list. I still enjoy the mindless games more than anything though. Candy rush is the only game I have on my phone and I don’t play it much anymore, but it is probably my favorite current day game. It requires you to learn techniques and tricks in order to advance. However, as much as it relies on skill for advancement, it also is a bit of luck as well. I don’t consider many of the games I like as educational per se, but the do require thinking and learning of skills to complete tasks. For me, at this point, games only provide a way to pass time and are not something I do very much.

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