Games, Simulations, & Virtual Worlds for Learning

Gaming is a complex activity that encourages learning and play and thinking and anxiety... Yes! If it doesn't raise your blood pressure just a little, I would say its not an immersive game! Even Tetris raises my blood pressure and increases my anxiety exponentially. (It's my favorite.) There are so many opportunities to create immersive … Continue reading Games, Simulations, & Virtual Worlds for Learning

The Future of Gaming

Several key things help me consider were I think the future of gaming will take us. These key elements are social networking, full immersion, personal design and fantasy. Each one of these elements currently and in the future will guide gaming into the next big phase of game play. When considering social networking, we immediately … Continue reading The Future of Gaming

Gamer Motivation Profile

As a part of this activity, I participated in three gamer profile quizzes. Each had a slightly different purpose, but the outcomes were fairly accurate. The quizzes were: Gamer Motivation Profile Board Games Motivation Profile  Here is an overview of the gamer motivation profile: As you can see from the image, I am very … Continue reading Gamer Motivation Profile

Consider the materials covered. Were there any games of gaming innovations that stood out to you? Why? Share a bit about your favorite games both traditional and digital) and provide some insight into why they appeal to you? Would you consider any of these to be educational? Much of what was mentioned in the articles … Continue reading

The Concept of Multimedia

I found the three articles we read to be quite interesting. Understanding the History of instructional media allows the learner to better understand first, what constitutes multimedia and second, how it came about because of a need. Reiser and Gagne (1983) described instructional media as the "physical means via which instruction is presented to learners." … Continue reading The Concept of Multimedia